Food ordering

We have built innovative food ordering apps which enhance experience of users; ultimately allowing restaurants to sell more.


Hospitality is an industry where there’s lots of scope to automate processes which are presently expensive, manual, and laboursome.

For example:

  • Customers order from the cashier, but could order via iPad just as easily.
  • Customers pay by cash, but could use one of many payment apps.

This can also improve customer experience and increase sales – this has been shown by the success of McDonald’s self-order terminals.

We are innovating, and raising the standards in the hospitality industry. Self-order apps help our clients sell more, cut costs, and serve more customers.

Here at MobOn we have developed apps for various hospitality clients in Europe and America. Our solutions serve to automate food ordering and payment processes.

One of the projects is a self-service ordering Kiosk system for Grabthai.

You don't need to wait in the queues anymore – you can simply go into Grabthai and order from the iPad.


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